Friday, 2 March 2012

January and February reads

Don't think I've ever read this many good books in a row. January and February just happened to be great reading months, encouraged by reviews from fellow bloggers and friends. I hope March reading is just as good!

There is nothing like a bad book to spoil my reading appetite, and nothing like a good book to keep my obsession going strong.

Harlan Coben - Shelter (I'm a huge Harlan Coben fan and was so excited to hear that he was publishing a YA book. Was just as suspenseful and riveting as his other books, and I loved that the characters intertwined)

Rachel Cohn & David Levithan - Dash and Lily's book of dares (took me a while to get into this one but once I did, I absolutely loved it. Such a cute read). 

John Green - Paper Towns (Read such great reviews of this book and can honestly say that I didn't enjoy it at all. Didn't feel a single thing for either characters.)

Angela Morrison - Sing me to Sleep (I really enjoyed this book. I cried so much at the end. Though I was a little unsure about some of the relationships within the book, it was overall a good read) 

John Boyne - The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas (I have been meaning to read this for so long and finally got it out at the library. I've read a lot of Holocaust books and this one, despite being a YA book, was no less unsettling. I watched the movie right after. Definitely a must read.)

Jeanette Walls - The Glass Castle (I went through stages with this book. Some parts I loved and some parts I hated. Was definitely interesting to read about that lifestyle and get into the psychology behind it. And was very uplifting in the end, in that the author had such a poor and horrific childhood but still made a good future for herself) 

Cat Patrick - Forgotten (Was a very complicated book to write without coming across some loopholes and slips to the plot. I did have some questions unanswered, and felt like the end didn't really related to the rest of the book, but overall it was enjoyable. And a really gorgeous love story.)

Gareth Crocker - Finding Jack (Nothing to say other than I loved this book. It made me smile and made me cry. I read it all in one sitting on an airplane and felt so drained by the end of it. Really incredible story.) 

Sarah Addison Allen - The Girl who Chased the Moon (Usually I don't like when fantasy is mixed with real life, but I absolutely adored the magical element to this book. It was such an enjoyable read.)

John Green - The Fault in our Stars (Was so hesitant to read this after Paper Towns... but John Green is redeemed. I loved this book. The writing was... incredible. His characterization was flawless and he had me crying hysterically for the last 60 pages. Adored this book soooooo much)

Cath Crowley - Graffiti Moon (I was so excited for this book to come out! It wasn't as fantastic as I expected, but I did really enjoy it. I loved the snippets of poetry throughout it, and I loved how it was told from both perspectives.)