Thursday, 18 August 2011

I explain a few things

I do apologise for my absence. I miss blogging desperately but life has been insane the past few weeks. 
-work is really busy. 
-Uni has started back up again two nights a week after work,
-assignments are piling up
-mum is away and suddenly it's a lot harder for the house to stay clean, and
-I'm going overseas next week and have lots of preparing to do. 

I do have a list of the blog posts I want to write, and the list is building, which is a good thing. 
I want to get some writing and blogging done while I'm away - I'm going skiing in NZ. Yay!

In other news, I won a blogging award! Julie's blog From Pen to Paper is such a creative, thoughtful and inspiring blog about writing, reading, life and the industry. 

Anyway, I love the website and thought I'd post some of my favourite postcards. They're great story inspirations, too. 

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