Thursday, 3 November 2011

oh uh October

So, October wasn't my best reading month. I read this book that I absolutely loved - The Sky is Everywhere - right at the start of the month, and then I couldn't read anything for a week after because I was so attached to the book. 

Jandy Nelson - The Sky is Everywhere
Sue Saliba - Alaska
Rosamund Lupton - Afterwards
Lauren Strasnick - Nothing Like You

Alaska was beautifully written (and my god what a ridiculously amazing front cover)  but I thought the main character was stupid and I hated the way it ended. 
Same as Nothing Like you. I really enjoyed the book but the ending ruined it for me completely. Yes, the girl got what she deserved. But after being on a long journey with TWO boys involved, I just wanted her to end up with one of them, and she didn't. 

But... The Sky is Everywhere goes into my top books (obviously since I can't stop blogging about how much I love it) and Afterwards was also a fantastic read which I would recommend. 

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  1. I haven't read any of the above! They sound like an interesting list though :)