Monday, 23 May 2011

My published story ... and other news

It finally arrived!! My short story 'Objects of my Affection' was being published by a literary journal called [untitled] and I have been waiting anxiously for it to come out. Unfortunately, I was unable to make it to the launch last week but was jumping with joy when it arrived in the mail this morning (and to my surprise, a check fell out! Being paid for my writing? Hell yeah!)
You can see my excitement in the photo ... 

I also have two more stories (actually both flash fiction pieces that I have posted on my blog here and here) being published by local literary journals this month and next, so there is a lot of excitement the next few months.
It's really inspiring me to write more.  

In other excitement, I would like to congratulate my friend James Shackell, for selling out his zine at the Sydney fair! You can read all about it on his blog. I knew that kid was going places. 

I have been researching my new writing project the past few weeks, and I interviewed someone about it this morning. I'm getting very close to actually starting writing it. It is my goal for the National Young Writers Month, to finish the story in June. Some other goals I put down was to learn a new word every day (which is part of blog goals up the top, but I haven't been doing so well on that :S) and to read more and blog more. 
I came up with another good story idea, too, that I can't wait to start writing :) 

Speaking of reading. I have gone nuts. Obsessed. Bought 4 books off the book depository this week, and have 4 books from the library, and 4 books that my friend Sari lent me. Good thing I start uni holidays next week!

And to keep on with the excited tone of this post, 
I saw Li Cunxin, author of Mao's Last Dancer,  talk on Friday night (was such an incredible, inspiring talk) and 
I am seeing Michael Connelly talk at the Wheeler Centre on Thursday night! 
AND the Emerging Writers Festival starts this week so I'm super excited. 
Looks like June is going to be a big literary month for me.


  1. Yay! Excitement! You're on fire getting your stories published. Go you =D

  2. Very cool! Congrats on getting paid for writing...[as I wistfully dream of the day when it happens for me]... I bet its just so stinkin' fun seeing your name in print!

    Also, I noticed on your blog that you have your writing goals typed out. I like that! Somehow, it makes the whole writing process feel more concrete. Of course, we all have those things we're working towards, but its more official when its in ink (or computer, as it were!) Good luck with all your endeavors!

  3. Yer I found that having my goals written online for everyone to see (and hopefully monitor my progress??) made them more concrete in my head, and more official. Whenever I'm feeling down about writing, I look at them and they motivate me to write.
    I love your blog Julie!