Monday, 30 May 2011

Where I live

It’s the last day of autumn where I live. As usual, the streets are spotted orange with fallen leaves, and even though I’m in my 20s, I still love to walk through them and hear the crunch under my feet. Melbourne weather is unpredictable. We had an almost non-existent summer, plagued by cold days and hoodies, and last winter there were times when all the layers would come off and I’d just be in a t-shirt.

But life has a way of changing during a Melbourne winter. Nights spent roaming the streets, getting ice cream or drinking cider in the hammock outside are replaced by nights curled in front of the fireplace and watching movies at home with friends. 

Melbourne is definitely the most awesome place in Australia (sorry all you Sydney dwellers) so I thought I’d write about where I live. I read this post on chictopia (a fashion blog) and I just loved the way the girl wrote. It inspired me.

I live in a suburb called Caulfield – like Holden Caulfield, only not as cool – which is a predominately Jewish neighbourhood. On Friday nights and Saturdays, the streets are ransacked with religious families, walking to and from synagogue.

My room has a feature wall, painted chocolate brown with an orange border. I have a bright red bookshelf and a black bookshelf, and everything else is adorned with chachkas from places I’ve been around the world (and a few imposter things from Ishka). Kinda looks bohemian.

I walk up the road to my favourite coffee shop, Whyte, where two cute boys alternate making me soy cap’s. I spend hours a day there, studying and writing and for some reason, that’s where my muse is. I also live really close to a street called Tantram Ave, where me and my brother like to pose with the road sign. 

I live 10 minutes from the beach, and from St Kilda where there is a sign that says ‘3 smiles per hour zone’. St Kilda is probably my favourite place to go. It brings out the best and worst in people. It's know for it's beach, hippies, cake shops and prostitutes. But it's genuine. Not many places are genuine. 

I love reading about places in books. I love beautiful descriptions and luring images, where after I've finished reading, all I want to do is go to that place. My new writing goal is to incorporate more of a place into my stories. 

Where do you live? Does place play a large part in your stories?


  1. Can't believe you aren't including Perth in your 'analysis of most awesome city in Aus' thing... hey wait, maybe you are... lol

  2. I love that you live in a suburb called Caulfield! (I love Catcher in the Rye)

    Cool post! I'm influenced by my surroundings and the drastic changes in topography near me definitely affect the landscape in my novels. They provide so much fodder for the imagination! If ever I'm in a imaginative lull, I just drive up the hill and take a look around. :D

    I'd love to visit where you live someday...and thanks for the reminder to appreciate our surroundings! It's a perfect resource.