Thursday, 9 June 2011

My weekly musings

I just love these lyrics
you've got a lovely way with words 
must be the way you see the world 
by The Virgins, in Rich Girls. 

So my week hasn't been too busy. I got my wisdom teeth out, which has resulted in lots of sleep and ice cream (including the Carousel ice cream cake - pictured above - in honour of my extracted wisdom). So I'm a bit behind on my June goals. 

I've been reading lots, and planning out a new story, so will hopefully get to writing it this weekend.  I think I will submit it to Geek Mook.

Here is a photo of me and crime writer, Michael Connelly, that I took about 2 weeks ago when I heard him speak at the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne. 
I thought it was interesting that for a crime writer whose novels are so dense and convoluted with plot tags and foreshadowing, that he never plans his work. He said he knows the start and end, and that's all. He goes in writing blind. 

He also said that everyday, he rewriters everything that he wrote the day before. 
Does anyone else do that?
He signed two of my books, but unfortunately, I couldn't read his handwriting so I have no idea what he wrote. 
Note to self: when famous author signing books for fans, ALWAYS write legibly. 

Anyway, I'm off to do some writing. I'm finally going to get twitter this weekend.

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  1. Yay, get Twitter! Haha I have converted you. :)

    I tend to at least reread what I wrote the day before, and that often results in a little rewriting, but never a complete rewrite.