Sunday, 26 June 2011

Where I write

I found these links on writers rooms and where writers write, and wanted to write about my writing space. 
I don't have a room with a desk and walls of books and inspiring pictures, like a lot of the writers in those links. I have a room full of books and the only spare space is my bed. I have a spare room - actually, my nephews room - with a desk covered in all my uni editing books, and Thomas and Dora toys. 
I don't like writing at home. There are too many distractions. My mum being the main one. 
So I go to the cafe down the road and spend the day there, writing. The boys know my coffee order and if I'm doing well on my writing for the day, I order myself an extra-cheese toasted cheese sandwich. 
I'm so productive in coffee shops. I write page after page and go home feeling satisfied and happy. 

So the picture above isn't my usual cafe, but it is one near the University of Melbourne, where I did my undergrad, majoring in Creative Writing. I spent many hours and days writing stories and uni assignments in this cafe. The walls were covered in inspiring photos, and I got through some good people watching there, too. 

Where do you write? Do you have a favourite cafe?


  1. I turned my dining room into an office space, and that's typically where I write. That cafe looks great! I could see how you would be able to accomplish a lot there. I wish I could find a little cafe where I could go to write, but there just aren't any like that in my area.

  2. What a neat place to sit and work!

    My location usually depends on time. During the week and after work, I "work" at home. But on weekend, I'll usually go to a coffee shop, put in my noise-cancelling earbuds while listening to rain and thunder, and venture to la-la land :D

  3. I need to try out the writing in cafes thing. I wonder if I would be more productive. I'd like to try writing on the beach during summer too, but I'd have to start writing with pen and paper because there's no way I'm taking my laptop to the beach.