Sunday, 31 July 2011

We all love bookshelves

I'm moving out of home in the next few months and the most exciting part of that is thinking about where I'm going to put my books. I used to want a book room, where all the walls were covered in books, and in the centre was a desk to write. But I also like having my books in constant view. I think the right bookshelf is like a piece of art. As soon as I find a bookshelf as cool as the ones below, I'm going to invest in it. Alternatively, I love the look of books just coming out of everywhere. 

What kind of bookshelf do you want?


  1. I love that last one, it look the perfect place to curl up with a book. I also love the room that looks like it about to burst - so many lovely books, it makes me happy just looking!

  2. These book shelves are totally and completely AWESEOM! My fav is the last one, I think ( : I agree with you, though... I love the look of books coming out of every nook and crany. It feels cozy!