Friday, 1 July 2011

June shenanigans

Alright alright, I'm just going to come out and say it. I didn't complete all my June goals. 
My excuses are: 
-getting my wisdom teeth out and feeling mindless
-unexpectedly starting full-time work. 

What I did manage to do though, I'm pretty happy with. I finished editing my new short story called Co-painicitis Syndrome which ended up being around 1500 words. It's quite different to my usual writing - it's a mix between Raymond Carver and Etgar Keret (my favourite short story writers) - because it's a surrealist piece (which I've never done before) and just a totally different writing style that I'm used to. It was a bit of an experiment for me and I gotta say, I think it turned out better than expected. 
I haven't had a chance to start my other short story idea (I'm writing it for a competition though so will be working on it hardcore for the next 2 weeks) but it will also be that same writing style, although not surrealist. 

How did everyone go with their June goals?

In June I read:
-Anne Brashares - the 3rd Summer of the Sisterhood (reread)
-Anne Brashares - Forever in Blue
-Liane Moriarty - What Alice Forgot
-Courtney Summers - Fall for Anything
-Elizabeth Scott - Perfect You
-Patrick Jones - Things Change

And I went crazy on book depository so I have heaps of books to read in July.

I had a scary thought, too. I was thinking of giving myself a $50-$60 book allowance a month. Which is do-able since I get a lot out from the library, and I already have a huge TBR pile at home. Then I added it up and that's over $600 a year. And in all honesty, seeing as though I usually end up spending more like $70 a month on books, that adds up to WAY more. Kind of a scary thought. Considering I'm also addicted to coffee ($3 a pop, around $21 a week), Zumba ($10 a class) and Artichoke hearts ($3 average).  Well, at least I'm not a smoker. That's all I can say. Because adding cigarets and gum in there would pretty much make me hopeless. 

How much do you spend on books a month? Any other addictions we should know about?

Anyway, this was posted on twitter and I thought it was pretty cool. Oh, did I mention I got twitter? 

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  1. You rad some of my favourite books in June- Perfect You is my ultimate comfort read and I thought Fall for Anything and What Alice Forgot were wonderful.

    I spend a scary amount of money on books and now I have a son I'm indulging in picture books too :) Also starbucks and bread, cheese straws and pork pies form the farmers market :)